An Rince Fada

Dance for any number of couples.
Type of dance: progressive Long Dance.
Music: Double Jig Time.
Formation: The dancers form up in two lines – the gents in one line, the ladies in the other – partners facing each other – gents left side to top of room. Couples are numbered off from the top. Each odd couple and the even couple immediately below them form a set.
В танце An Rince Fada 6 частей:

  1. The Rising Step (4 такта)
  2. Right Wheel (4 такта)
  3. The Rising Step (4 такта)
  4. Left Wheel (4 такта)
  5. Advance Down Centre (8 тактов)
  6. Dance Around (или Swing Around в зависимости от версии книги Ar Rince Foirne) (8 тактов)

(a) The Rising Step

The lady of each odd (or leading) couple, and the gent of the next couple below, face each other, as do also the gent of the odd couple and the lady of the next couple below. All dance ‘Rise and Grind‘, first on the right foot and then on the left.

(b) Right Wheel

Each set of four join their right hands in the centre, the ladies ́ hands above the gents ́, and dance clockwise with Promenade Step, to places.

(c) The Rising Step

As at A, but all commence ‘Rise and Grind‘ on the left foot.

(d) Left Wheel

As at B, but all join left hands in centre and dance anticlockwise.

(e) Advance Down Centre

The gents of odd couples take partners ́ right hands in their left while even couples stand in places. Odd couples then advance down the centre between the even couples, with Promenade Step (2 bars); release hands and reverse (2 bars); take inside hands and advance back to places (2 bars). Odd couples now ‘cast off‘, i.e., gent passes round, and takes place below the even gent of his set, while lady passes out and round the corresponding lady, and takes place below her (2 bars).

(f) Dance Around

Odd couples are now below the even couples with whom they are dancing, and from here partners take crossed hands and couples swing around each other anti-clockwise and back to these new positions.
The dance is now repeated, Couple 1 dancing with Couple 4, Couple 3 with Couple 6, and so on. Each even couple which reaches the top and each odd couple which reaches the bottom of the line, stand idle during one complete movement of the Dance, and then recommence – couple at top as leading couple, and couple at bottom as non-leading couple.
The Dance is repeated at discretion.

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