An Rince Mor

An Rince Mor — dance for any number of couples. (An Rince Mor — танец для любого количества пар).
Type op dance: Round Dance. (Тип танца: Круговой).
Music: Reel time. (Музыка: Рил).
Formation: The dancers form a large ring round the room, each gent having his partner at his right hand.
(Танцоры встают в большой круг, справа от каждого мальчика стоит девочка).

В танце An Rince Mór 5 частей:

  1. Ring to Left and Right
  2. Swing with Ladies on Left
  3. Swing with Partners
  4. Link Arms
  5. Lead Round

(a) Ring to Left and Right

All the dancers in ring hold hands, and dance sidestep to left, finishing with two short ‘threes’, and return to right, finishing as before.

(b) Swing with Ladies on Left

Gents take crossed hands of ladies on their left, and couples swing in place, clockwise.

(c) Swing with Partners

Gents take hands of partners and dance as in B.

(d) Link Arms

Gents link right arm of lady on their left and turn clockwise (2 bars); link left arm in left arm of partner and turn anticlockwise (2 bars); repeat the right arm link and turn with lady on left, and chain back to partners, take both her hands, and turn her so that gent is on inside of ring and lady on outside in preparation for next movement (4 bars)

(e) Lead Round

Couples lead around anticlockwise, with Promenade Step (as at beginning of Eight- or Sixteen-hand Reels) for six bars of music, and during the last two bars form a large ring to recommence dance.

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