Irish dance in Moscow

Irish dance in Moscow

Are you looking for Irish dance classes for children or adults ?
Here it is — a place where you can irish dance in Moscow 😉


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World Irish Dance Association

We are glad to see you on our website! Rhythm Academy has been running since 2016 in Moscow, Russia. It’s a bright new school, founded by experienced dancers. Our school is affiliated to The World Irish Dance Association (W.I.D.A.) and our students take part in feiseanna (Irish dance competitions) not only in Russia, but all over the world as well.

There is a certificated teacher (TCRG, TMRF) and adjudicator (ADCRG) in our team, Elena Ustinova. Korotova Alina is a certificated fitness trainee (FPA) and a competitive dancer who has passed a few grade exams which when completed will lead to a qualification as a WIDA registered Irish dance teacher. Our dancers also take exams registered with WIDA. 

Rhythm Academy holds classes for children (from the age 5) and adults. Feel free to send an e-mail for more info on a current schedule.

Rhythm Academy also performs at corporate and private events as well as festivals, dedicated to Irish culture (Samhain, St. Patrick’s Day etc.) throughout the year.



Елена Устинова, Алина Коротова, ирландские танцы, преподаватель, инструктор, тренер

Elena Ustinova — A.D.C.R.G.

A.D.C.R.G. (certificated adjudicator) (ADCRG)
T.C.R.G. (certificated step dance teacher) (TCRG)
T.M.R.F. (certificated ceili dance teacher) (TMRF)
Graduated from Primary Choreographic School in 1998

Alina Korotova — Instructor
Certified fitness trainer of group programs
(FPA Fitness Professionals Association)


Even if you are a complete beginner, not aquanted with Irish dance at all, you can sure to be warmly welcomed and be taught basics with proper technics (warm-up and joint gymnastics in the beginning and stretching at the end).
Students start dancing in soft shoes. After a month you will be able to perform your first dance (usually it’s reel). Then, when you have strengthen your muscles and learn basic movements and choreography, it’s time to wear hard shoes. This is the thing that made a lot of of people fall in love with Irish dance forever. 

Would you like to know more about the Irish dance in Moscow, Irish dance school or our classes? Just send us an e-mail